Health Transition Wisconsin

Supporting Youth to Adult Health Care Transition
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Healthcare Transition is the change from pediatric to adult healthcare services. This transition can be very complex for youth with disabilities or special healthcare needs. This transition typically takes place between the ages of 12 and 26 years.

The Wisconsin Youth Health Transition Initiative aims to make healthcare transition easier for youth with special healthcare needs in Wisconsin. We do this by developing and sharing healthcare transition resources with families and healthcare providers. We also work with healthcare providers to support best practice transition care for patients with disabilities and special healthcare needs.

Our Initiative is based out of the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Waisman Center.

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We have a quarterly newsletter with healthcare transition stories, events, and resources.

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Integrated Transition Planning

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We actively participate in the Wisconsin Integrated Transition Planning Project, also based out of the UW Waisman Center.

This Project brings together self advocates, family members, and people who work in education, employment, and healthcare. They work together to improve and simplify the transition planning process by promoting integrated transition planning.

Integrated transition planning is when youth with disabilities, their family members and service providers thoughtfully map out and prepare for the youth’s life as an adult.  It integrates planning for the youth’s education, work, and healthcare to achieve their goals as an adult. Ideally, this planning occurs throughout childhood with more focused planning as the child becomes a teen.

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