Supporting Youth to Adult Health Care Transition

Education for Healthcare Providers and Systems

Baylor College of Medicine 22nd Annual Chronic Illness and Disability Conference: Transition from Pediatric to Adult-Based Care

October 27 & 28, 2022

Audience: medical providers, family members/ caregivers, and other transition stakeholders

The Baylor conference is the largest gathering in the country of experts and stakeholders in Healthcare Transition for youth. In previous years, The Youth Health Transition Initiative has hosted a gathering to view the conference webcast at the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison. The webcast was also broadcast at Children’s WI for a gathering of professionals and other stakeholders from the Milwaukee area.

During the pandemic the conference was virtual and viewed by individuals from their own computers. We will send out more information about the conference, including if we will be able to host a webcast this year.

More information will be available in August.

Introduction to Healthcare Transition Video

Audience: Healthcare and Service Providers

Youth Health Transition Initiative (YHTI) team member Julie Hajewski, ANP provides a brief overview of health care transition for medical providers.

Julie Hajewski speaking about Health Care

Closing the Gap Provider Education

Audience: Healthcare Providers

In order to meet the needs of individual clinics, we can customize a presentation to  meet the needs of your practice and health professionals.

For clinic practices just starting their health care transition journey, we recommend starting with a presentation of one, or both, of the following:

Health Care Transition: Basic Overview – Based on tools, resources, and materials created by the Youth Health Transition Initiative. YHTI will present a general overview of Health Care Transition and models. This module is appropriate for health professionals working with adolescents and young adults in a health care setting. It includes a review of transition implementation barriers, consequences, and tools for a medical practice to assess current processes and work towards implementing transition in their clinics.

Getting Started: Implementing Got Transition’s Core Elements

Introduces the survey tools for individual and clinic assessment of health care transition implementation. For teams that have completed the clinic assessment, they will use the results of the assessment:

  • to explore areas of success and identify possible challenges to implementation.
  • to provide clinic-wide support, as they implement more of the transition framework into the clinic workflow.

Supported Decision-Making

This session defines Supported Decision-Making and its role in healthcare. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for health professionals to understand their role in the use of a Supported Decision -Making agreement, the alternatives to this document, and the exploration of facilitating family decisions and promoting client autonomy.

We continue to develop additional learning modules to meet the needs of health caring for individuals on a health care transition journey.

Got Transition and the 6 Core Elements

Got Transition is the national technical assistance center for healthcare transition. The 6 Core Elements describe the elements to a successful transition. The Got Transition website also has tools for families and youth to help them on their transition journey.




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