Supporting Youth to Adult Health Care Transition

From WI: Youth and Families Tell Their Transition Stories

More videos from the Youth Health Transition Initiative from our Youth and Family advisors.  They tell their  healthcare transition stories using the 8 Tools to a Successful Transition.




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Hunter’s Healthcare Transition Journey

Hunter talks about 5 of 8 tools: Adult Providers, Appointments, Insurance, About Me, and Emergency Contacts. (6:55 minutes)

Hunter Chooses an Adult Provider

Hunter and his Dad Tim discuss the transition to an adult provider. (2:54 minutes)

Healthcare Transition: Adult Providers Extended version

The Youth Health Transition Initiative (YHTI) presents an extended version of the Adult Providers video in the series of 8 Tools to a Successful Transition series. Several youth, who have special health care needs, and their family members tell their stories of transitioning from a pediatric to an adult health care provider. Each has a unique story to tell, starting with spending time alone with their pediatrician to gathering information to find a good fit in an adult provider. (5:14 minutes)

Supported Decision-Making: George and Franklin

George is an attorney and a parent who is using Supported Decision Making. Listen in as George talks about what he has learned and how he and his son decided to use Supported Decision-Making instead of guardianship. (4:10 minutes)

Healthcare Transition: a Different Perspective

A parent talks about her daughter, who has complex medical conditions, and her transition from pediatric to adult health care. This is a power point presentation suitable for school staff, service providers, and family members. (5:28 minutes)

Introduction to Transition

This 20 minute video is an introduction to transition. Anyone who will be participating in a Youth Health Transition training is invited to view this introduction before starting the training. (20 minutes)