Supporting Youth to Adult Health Care Transition

Wisconsin Integrated Transition Planning Project


About the Project:

The University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) at the Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin -Madison is convening a Wisconsin Transition Planning Coalition (WTPC) of engaged stakeholders with lived and professional experience to equip youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) in maximizing their independence.


In one year the WTPC will develop an Integrated Transition Pilot Plan for youth and adults with ID/DD in medically underserved Wisconsin communities for achieving coordinated access to adult health care, educational, vocational and other services to support community living.

Objectives to Complete this Goal Over Twelve Months:

  1. to convene the WTPC in the first month;
  2. to complete a comprehensive review and analysis of transition services in the first seven months;
    Annotated resource list Sept 2021
  3. to meet at least monthly through the project and engage in a consensus-based planning process;
  4. to produce a workable Integrated Transition Pilot Plan for communities who have agreed to
    implement the plan following the planning year.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  1. the number of collaborators focused on health, employment and post-secondary education will increase
  2. the number of self-advocate and family representatives from medically-underserved communities will increase
  3. the Integrated Transition Pilot Plan produced will include a shared agenda and aligned measures co-created through the consensus process.

Results of this project will be disseminated to serve as a model for integrating transition processes for youth and adults with ID/DD, and are intended to be implemented in ways that are practical and sustainable for participating communities.

3 Communities Identified:

  •  Barron County – Partnering with Inclusa, Inc., Barron County Developmental Services, Inc (BCDSI), and Growing Opportunities, Inc.
  • Rhinelander – Partnering with Rhinelander School District and Headwaters, Inc.
  • Rock County – Partnering with University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

These communities and their partner organizations will be working together to implement the community of solutions framework to improve the lives of an identified targeted group of individuals undergoing transition in their community.

Coalition Partners

Representing Three Transition Areas of Expertise:

WITPP Organization Logos

  • Health/Wellness
  • Education
  • Employment

WITPP Organizational Chart