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Decision-Making/ Consent/Disclosure

Learning how to make choices and decisions needs to start at a young age. Have questions about guardianship, Supported Decision-Making, or disclosure?

  1. The WI Board for People with Developmental Disabilities
  2. Family Voices of WI Resource Library
  3. Guardianship Support Center
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Tools for Your Healthcare Transition Toolbox

Workbook for Youth

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Stay Informed: Trainings and Health Transition Updates

Visit Education and Events for Families and Caregivers

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Resources from Other States

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Read a personal story of Transition from the  Complex Child website. A Multifaceted process: Transitioning a Child who is Medically Complex into Adulthood, by Jill Wall 2/21/2018

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Transition Planning for Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities: Information for Families and Teens

Stephanie Porter MSN,RN

Linda Freeman MBA,MS

Lynn Reeves Griffin RN, MeD

Children’s Hospital Boston, MA, Sept. 2000

This booklet covers healthcare, education, employment, and recreation and is a resource for families and teens.